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"The house placement of the Sun shows the area of life where the vital energies generated by the Sun are likely to focus. The Sun associated with any house illuminates the meaning of that house. It does so in the manner discussed in the reading of the Sun sign. Through the life, this energy of the Sun is evident. The subject matter of the house may prove to be the focus of your drive."

Michael McClain
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  • About traditional 7 virtues and planets -

    "One of the most famous and interesting subjects of Medieval art and astrological discussion was the thread of cardinal and theological virtues.

    The word “virtue” comes from the Latin “vir“, i.e. man. Still in Latin culture the word did not indicate just masculine gender, but a moral code, an unwritten law more important than the written one.

    I see somebody found this subject a little confusing, so I want to give some details about it."

  • The Sun in astrology -

    "The Sun, the giver of life, represents our conscious mind in Astrology. It represents our will to live and our creative life force.


    "Every chart reading should begin with the Sun as the primary focus of astrology. The Sun's position in the zodiac is very important, and most agree it deserves first consideration. It's the core of the individual; the overriding nature and will. This is the influence that describes the "you" that is trying to be in this lifetime. This is your "awake" side, your consciousness and outer-directed individuality. Thus, the Sun is the most important single indicator, fueling the total personality.

  • The Sun -

    "The Sun is the center of our solar system. Everything else revolves around, and makes sense in terms of, the Sun in our solar system. So too in your astrological chart, the Sun is your primary orientation point. All other planets and astrological factors "revolve around" and make sense in terms of the Sun. The Sun is a point of intelligibility, from which all else can be understood and even derived.

  • Sun and Moon Element Combinations -

    "I have tried to create a brief classification of people’s predominant modes of activity, according to their solar and lunar element, as the Sun and the Moon are two of the most important single factors in a horoscope. The idea came to be in a flash, and although it certainly has its weaknesses, it seemed original enough for me to write it down and give it some thought. So here it goes:

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