Pluto in 4th House

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'Pluto in the 4th house affects the home, past, parents and childhood. The 4th house rules our origins and the way we relate to our family. With Pluto in the 4th house you may go through many experiences that affect your security. The fourth house rules the father and so he can go through a personal crisis, be affected by mental illness, depression. The father could be the power-head of the family financially, controlling the resources at home. There may be a feeling of early abandonment that has a negative impact and there will be deep resentment. Equally, he could be deeply passionate about life, emotionally intense and signify a parental figure who has survived trauma. Upheaval at home tends to dominate the psyche and the death of someone close may have affected the whole family profoundly. Pluto in the 4th house represents heavy emotional baggage, that must be healed and family history needs to be explored.'

Julie Rimmer
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I have Pluto in libra in my

I have Pluto in libra in my 4th house as a singleton. Alot of this articles description holds true for me. My stepfather was an alcoholic and bipolar. My stepbrother died when he was a in his late teens from cancer and I was about 5 years old. His sister was killed about a year later. There were many other traumatizing ordeals that occured in my household and throughout my life.


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