Facets of the diamond: the cycle of the aspects

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"The nature of life is such that we are enabled to circumambulate the quintessential core of truth of life (whatever that is!) by experiencing facets of it, strung out in a movie-like storyline. Life is itself a cycle passing through many stages – if we experienced childhood, youth, maturity and old age at the same time we would not only get confused, but would also miss the main gist of what living on a planet is all about! Thus we have time-cycles, which interface spirit with the dense stuff of bodily living, in gradual doses. Now we are going to look at the cycle of aspects, the blueprint of all synodic or interplanetary cycles."

Palden Jenkins
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  • Aspects -

    "Astrologers generally allow 2°- 12° of "leeway" for aspects. This "leeway" is called an orb. So two planets within this orb are considered to be in aspect. Some astrologers allow bigger orbs and some naturally enough allow less. The closer to exact the aspect the stronger, when the orb is very wide the influence may be quite weak. Standard orbs are given for each aspect. The modern theory of aspects espouses that by dividing the 360° circle by two gives us the opposition.

  • Important aspects -

    A short and clear explanation of the main planetary aspects: conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition, inconjunct,semi-sextile, semi-square, sesquiquadrat, quintile.

  • Angle on Aspects -

    "How the planets relate to each other is shown by the aspects they form. Angles between planets reflect attitudes and the energy patterns they have toward each other. They are like force fields that mark turns in consciousness. Aspects bring out facets, sides of the self and character traits"

  • What are aspects? -

    "Aspects are angles between two planets or between a planet and any points on your horoscope wheel. When planets form certain angles with each other, they interact, they work together."


    "In astrology, an "aspect" is a geometric relationship between two planets.  Aspects are important in analyzing a horoscope because they seem to make the two connected planets function together or be linked.  The aspects considered here are just the major ones: the conjunction, sextile, square, trine and opposition."

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