The Cycle of Mercury and the Functioning of the Mind

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"In the usual kind of geocentric astrology no distinction is made between the two kinds of conjunction of Mercury and the Sun, except that at "inferior" conjunction Mercury is retrograde, while at "superior" conjunction Mercury is direct. In heliocentric astrology the situation is quite different, because an inferior geocentric conjunction of Mercury and the Sun means that the Earth is conjunct Mercury, while a superior geocentric conjunction indicates that the Earth is in opposition to Mercury. Thus when Mercury is retrograde geocentrically, Mercury is heliocentrically near the Earth; and at the heliocentric conjunction of Mercury and the earth, a line is formed by Sun, Mercury and Earth, with Mercury and Earth, with Mercury between the Sun and the Earth — thus as near to the Earth as it can ever be."

Dane Rudhyar
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    A horary chart for this kind of question can be constructed both for the moment we discover that an object is missing and for the time when an astrologer hears or reads the question posed to him. The simplest way to predicting whether the missing or stolen object will be found or retrieved is by delineating the luminaries. If in the chart of a question or an event the Moon in a nocturnal or the Sun in a diurnal chart closely aspect their rulers the object will be returned to its owner.

  • Mercury/Saturn Aspects -

    Tight lipped. Reluctant to communicate. Blocks to communication. Speech impediments. “Just the facts, ma’am.” Concentration. Careful thought. Speaking only after due consideration. Structured thinking. Obstacles to education. Education comes only with hard work. Learning difficulties. Working through communication issues. Censorship. Self-censoring. Cautious communication. Hesitant to speak.  Hesitant to reveal your thoughts. Limited outlets for verbal expression. Writer’s block. Niche writing. Talking about niche subjects. Serious communication.

  • Mercury/Jupiter Aspects -

    Big ideas. Too much talking, not enough action. Arrogant opinions. Open-minded. Broad minded. Expansive thinking.  Speculating. The philosophical mind. Generalizing. Lumping everything together. Glossing over the particulars. Getting the gist of it. Motivational speakers. Key note speakers. Epic stories and tales. Full of hot air. Blowhards. Laughing it off. Missing the details. Exaggerating. Wanting to talk about meaningful subjects. Wanting more education. Talking about morality. Thinking about moral issues. Contemplating ethics. Speaking with conscience.

  • Mercury/Uranus Aspects -

    Brilliance. Genius. Unusual sibling relationships. Flashes of intuition. Instant comprehension. Leaps in understanding. Skipping steps in the learning process. Skipping a grade. Lightning quick mind. Accelerated learning. Unconventional thought process. Bright ideas. Light bulb flashing over your head. “Eureka!” Crazy. Zany. Eccentric. Strange or absurd ideas. Bizarre conclusions. Kooky. Loony. Insane. Mad Hatter. Revolutionary thinking. Revolutionary ideas. Thinking outside the box. Hair-brained schemes. The mad scientist. Brainstorms. Inventors. Experimental.

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